Foodie or catering professional, the cooking on the plancha satisfies all tastes! In addition to feasting the taste buds, this healthy cooking is good for the health and for the figure.

here are the 10 advantages of cooking at the plancha :

#1 Healthy and gourmet cooking

Why give up pleasure when you pay attention to your health? All food categories can be cooked at the plancha : it leaves room for your creativity !

The most classic such as cooking meats such as chicken, kebabs or prime rib, the Vulx plancha is perfect for our wonderful regional specialties such as duck breast or andouillette.

Those fond of cheese and gourmet delicacies can indulge in a Mont d'Or, Camembert or Reblochon. The Cordons Bleues will be able to offer small goats with bacon, a burger or a cinnamon apple crumble to their guests.

More healthy with fish or vegetables or more gourmet with sweet products, the recipe possibilities are endless.

#2 Cooking a la plancha is convivial !

The healthy cooking often lacks fun! Whatever the menu, in the restaurant or at home, a lunch or a dinner around the Vulx plancha is always user-friendly.

A true moment of sharing, the plancha is the only method of cooking that creates a welcoming, warm and friendly environment.

To create a friendly environment, why not go for a “pancake party”, a “burger party” or quite simply a Savoyard fondue with porcini mushrooms?

#3 Healthy cuisine that is low in calories

The plancha cooking method is more dietetic. Indeed, the plate heated at high temperature limits the use of fat.

For a gourmet meal with a chicken kebab, Provençal tomato, zucchini and onions, count around 230 calories, or only 12% of the recommended daily allowance for a woman. You can even let go on a little dessert 😉

#4 Cooking at the plancha is quick !

No time to wait for hours? The Vulx plancha is a very fast cooking mode, thanks to a spectacular rise in temperature:

  • The heating time in gas use is 5 to 10 min
  • The temperature rises to 280 degrees regardless of the combustion mode

#5 Healthy and economical cooking

As the hotplate can accommodate more food, cooking on the plancha is very economical. This is because it takes little energy or gas to cook more food.

For catering professionals, plancha cooking allows for a exceptional profitability. The investment of the plancha is thus cushioned with 3 place settings per month !

#6 Cooking at the plancha respects the product

Without fat, the flavors are preserved. The cooking plate is made of food grade stainless steel, the most suitable material to respect the taste of food, without material exchange.

In addition, this very rapid cooking method allows food to be seared or caramelized while respecting its flavor and texture.

#7 Cooking plancha is ecological

By using natural energy such as gas or charcoal, Vulx plancha allow cooking with a very low environmental impact.

On the other hand, the very fast heating time (5 to 10 minutes) allows you to limit the use of energy for the well-being of the planet and your wallet!

# 8 A kitchen without carcinogenic compounds

There's no smoke without fire ! Unlike the barbecue, cooking on a plancha allows even cooking without charring your dishes. There is therefore no formation of carcinogenic compounds.

To ensure your health, we recommend that you clean the plate well after each use.

# 9 Uniform cooking quality

The temperature is higher in the center of the hotplates and varies from a low temperature to 280 degrees to be able to adapt to the cooking of different foods.

Place the meat and fish (except fillets) more towards the center and the vegetables on the outside.

To optimize cooking, take the food out one hour before cooking it to bring it to room temperature.

# 10 Cooking that retains all the nutrients

With a temperature of up to 280 degrees, the cooking time is reduced which helps preserve nutrients.

Want to retain even more nutrients?

1.       Choose fresh (or frozen)

2.       Wash your vegetables without soaking them

3.       Keep the skin of the vegetables as much as possible

4.       Sear it all on your hot plancha