Hotels, bars or Restaurants : not always easy to optimize Margin in catering and restauration in a highly competitive environment. In catering, Profitability rhymes with satisfied customers.

How do you stand out from the pack? What tips to earn more, while providing additional service to your customers?

How do Brasero Plancha Tables activate the Margin in Catering ro restauration ?

More sales,less cost. Here is the magic recipe
for optimize profitability of restaurants.

Brasero tables provide added value and adapt to your activity.
Your know-how is enhanced by professional cooking of your
products. Indeed, the Brasero Plancha Tables allow you to cook, heat
or reheat a very wide range of products.

Savory or sweet, the chef can give free rein to his creativity with
endless possibilities: meat, fish, vegetables or mushrooms,
hot and fondue boxes, pancakes, fruit... 

Increase the number of meals throughout the year

20% to 50% more meals in winter, is it possible? Yes by opening your terrace!

In addition to heating your dishes, the Vulx Tables allow your customers to heat up in a few minutes . In gas mode, the power is adjustable allowing a warm and comfortable moment.

In summer, the integrated champagne bucket allows you to extend the aperitif time. In the traditional table version, your Vulx increases the number of meals to stimulate your margin .

Controlled costs

On average for the restaurant sector, personnel costs represent 1/3 of turnover. Recruitment difficulties, high turn over, not easy to retain your team and the charges explode!

For full use, the Plancha Vulx Brasero Tables make it possible to limit preparations and eliminate the cooking of hot dishes. Thanks to this strategy, cooking saves time.

How much more will you earn on the restaurant section?

The average turnover in traditional restauration is € 400,000 excluding tax. The average ticket per person is € 28, or around 14,285 covered per year.

50 € more on the average ticket

When the client feels well, he stays and consumes more, and in particular more liquids.



20% more cutlery

By opening the terrace in winter, you can accommodate more customers and limit the seasonality of your activity. In an average restaurant, it is thus possible to gain 2,800 more seats a year.

The calculation of the gain is simple: on an average restaurant 2800 covered at € 80 of average tickets therefore generate an additional annual turnover of 224,000 euros! All this without increasing the personnel costs.

Satisfied customers = Margin and Profitability ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐