MAGMA PRO Brazier Plancha Table

from 1 947 HT

H 90 x Ø 120 cm | H 110 x Ø 120 cm                                                                    Version: Circular | Square
Colour: Corten steel
| Epoxy                                                              Fuel : Charcoal | Gas

At Vulx, we know that it is important for you, professionals in the restaurant, hotel or event industry, to differentiate yourself from the competition while controlling your margin. For this reason, we decided to create the MAGMA PRO brazier table, a new and professional device that will allow you to increase the profitability of your establishment quickly.

Our 4-in-1 concept: a brazier for atmosphere, an outdoor table for conviviality and a plancha or barbecue to delight your guests' palates.

  • Increase your turnover by using your outdoor area all year round thanks to the heat produced in the centre of the table
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition with a simple and innovative concept
  • Control your costs by reducing your staff costs (limit preparations and eliminate the cooking of your hot dishes)

Give your establishment a new asset and request a quote now.



Why choose
the MAGMA PRO brazier table?

Two cooking modes

Let's vary the pleasures and cooking methods! To enable you to adapt to your customers as best as possible, we have developed two cooking systems that can be changed in less than 2 minutes.

  • For plancha cooking, take advantage of our gas kit consisting of a 6 mm thick steel plancha plate and a circular gas burner located under the stainless steel cooking plate. An adjustment wheel is accessible under the plate and allows you to precisely manage the temperature of the plancha
  • For charcoal cooking, lay out the cooking grate and the charcoal tray in the style of a barbecue

Reversible height

  • A 1.10 m high version called "mange-debout", ideal to have an aperitif and spend a convivial moment around a glass and a board of cold cuts or cheese
  • A 90cm high table version, designed to offer you the best comfort during your meal and guarantee a unique culinary experience

Two shapes of tray

  • A square tray (1m side), if you wish to combine your appliances to make large tables. Very flexible and easy to set up, the square version will allow you to arrange your tables as you wish, according to the layout of your restaurant room
  • A round tray (1m or 1m20 in diameter), if you prefer to create a warm atmosphere, with the possibility of seating up to 6 people


Also choose the material of your tray:

  • Tray in HPL compact, water, UV and impact resistant (version for restaurant table)
  • Wooden tray

Your choice of colors

Choose to dress your MAGMA PRO in the colours of your establishment! Our griddle is also available in a Corten Steel version, which has the particularity of rusting on the surface to create a browning effect, which patinates with time.

Sticking to your device

Vulx offers you the possibility to personalize your equipment by adding the logo of your establishment on them. This option is recommended in order to show your identity during your services and to highlight your brand to your customers.

additional information

Heating mode :

Charcoal or Gas


110 cm ou 90 cm

Type of tray

Square or round

Tray materials

Compact HPLS or Wood

Tray diameter

100 cm or 120 cm for the round tray


Corten steel or Glossy paint


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