Cafés, hotels, caterers or restaurants: it is difficult to optimise your margin in this highly competitive sector. At Vulx, profitability means satisfied customers.

How can you stand out from the crowd? What tips can you use to earn more, while providing an additional service to your business? Our products   will meet your expectations.

plancha brasero barbecue

Activate your margin

Customisable and adaptable, our plancha braziers provide real added value so that they are dedicated to your business. Your know-how will be enhanced by professional cooking of a wide range of products, according to your wishes and creativity.

Increase the number of your guests and open your terrace even in winter. In addition to cooking your dishes, our appliances have been designed to quickly warm up your customers. If you use gas, modulate the power and offer a moment of warmth and comfort. On the contrary, in warm weather, transform your Vulx into a traditional table with the integrated champagne bucket to start the aperitif.

Benefit from controlled costsand solve your staffing problems. High staff costs (one third of turnover), recruitment difficulties, frequent turnover: faced with these challenges, opt for the full use of our products and limit the time wasted in the kitchen with fewer preparations and the delegation of the cooking of dishes. Less stressed, you can devote more time to your customers' needs.

Significant benefits

When your customers feel good, they stay longer and consume more. At Vulx, this is why we offer user-friendly and convenient product ranges. As a proof, our employees reveal that a customer pays on average between 80 and 100€ in a restaurant, which is 50 to 70€ more than in normal times. 

Our statistics have also shown that with the possibility of using our equipment in all seasons, our partner establishments receive 20% more customers throughout the year . In the end, your turnover can be multiplied by 3, without increasing staff costs.

Thanks to the financing we offer in leasing , only 3 monthly place settings on average are enough for you to make your Vulx brazier plancha table profitable!

Customer satisfaction

When a customer is satisfied, he comes back. Thanks to its originality and added value, Vulx attracts attention and convinces! Moreover, a loyal customer makes you more profitable and becomes your best business card . By recommending you, they will bring you more customers (a loyal customer will cost you five times less than another).

To make the experience of your guests special, think of setting up animations and always bring more conviviality!

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