Brazier Plancha Once Evolution

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The Once is a stand-up version and can accommodate up to
6 people seated. Its stainless steel griddle with an external diameter of
65 cm in diameter, can also accommodate a support
for the barbecue grill in its.
Its 117 cm diameter ceramic outer tray, is available in two colours: "Noir zimbabwe"
and "Béton ciré".
Its 107 cm high base is ideal for enjoying Once sitting or standing.
It can be used with 30 cm logs for more
fun or charcoal for more autonomy.
You can also install the ethanol burner which
will allow you to enjoy the comfort and conviviality
of the the flame without having to worry about refilling the wood.
Its concealed wheels make it easy to move
around and enjoy in any place.
Dimensions: Ø 117 x h. 107 cm
Materials: Steel and ceramic

Once, a brazier, a plancha, a cooking grid on the
the same support, for a real pleasure.
Once is made in France, by specialists who have
40 years of experience in the field of fire.
Once is a combination of beautiful finishes and noble materials to spend good, convivial moments.

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ONCE Evolution

Brazier Plancha BBQ Table

Heating mode : wood logs and charcoal. You can also install an ethanol burner (optional)

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ONCE Evolution : table for 6 people

Accessories and Options

Stainless steel griddle, allows you to cook your food in a griddle version. It can be fixed to your ONCE appliance according to your needs.

Barbecue grill and its support
The grate fits into the grate slot and allows you to grill with wood.

This glass allows you to protect your guests around the hob. It also protects your food during cooking.

Ethanol burner

In order to enjoy your appliance even more, you can also insert an ethanol burner. This way you can enjoy the flame without having to worry about refilling the wood.

Colour of the ceramic tray
Black or waxed concrete colour


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