When you choose a VULX product, you can be assured of its quality and durability. Each undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure its compliance with the strictest standards, and its ability to provide optimal long-term use.

We offer a comprehensive range of guarantees for all our products, providing full protection against manufacturing and hidden defects. Whether you choose a VULX brazier plancha, a protective cover or a stand-up Once, you can be certain that your investment is protected and you can enjoy your purchase with confidence.

Our guarantees are designed to reflect our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. When you buy a VULX product, you know that we are at your side to guide you through every step of the process, from purchase to daily use. If you encounter any problem with your product, our team will be here to help you resolve your issue rapidly and efficiently.

VULX products come with two main guarantees: the legal compliance guarantee, valid for 2 years as of product delivery, and the legal hidden defect guarantee, also valid for 2 years as of discovery of the defect. These guarantees apply independently of other possible commercial guarantees.

All parts of our barbecue plancha tables come with a 2-year guarantee. The barbecue plancha table cover is guaranteed for 1 year. For the Once barbecue plancha table, the hearth, grate, plancha, grill support, cooking grill and other parts are guaranteed for 2 years. The base and stand of the Once stand-up appliance come under an extended 5-year guarantee.

The BBQube, BBQube Box and HeatQube products come under a 2-year guarantee for materials and manufacture. The guarantee covers:

  • Metal components
  • Glass components
  • Rope gasket
  • Accessories supplied with BBQube
  • Temperature indicator

No guarantee will apply in the case of normal wear and tear, unauthorised modifications, failure to follow instructions for use, non-approved maintenance operations, improper surveillance or maintenance, or inappropriate product use.

To ensure customer protection and safety, all replacements and repairs under guarantee must be carried out by VULX or a professional approved by the company. This ensures the quality and integrity of our products, in addition to full customer satisfaction.