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Plancha or barbecue: how do you choose?

As soon as the first rays of sunshine appear, we all want nothing more than to enjoy it in the company of loved ones. So we organise an outdoor meal, and the conviviality of the plancha and barbecue do the rest. But are you torn between these two cooking methods? VULX reveals everything you need to know to choose the appliance that best suits your grilling desires!

Barbecue and plancha: different cooking methods

The barbecue, like the plancha, are two outdoor cooking appliances for making tasty grilled meats. However, there are some differences between them, and it's important to distinguish between them.

Wood-fired, gas or electric, the barbecue comes in a variety of forms

Barbecues are particularly popular for their fire or charcoal cooking, that adds character to your grilled meat, fish and vegetables. Its own authentic, smoky flavour, will add a distinctive touch to your dishes.The fire also creates a convivial atmosphere and a unique experience for your guests. However, lighting a wood fire isn't necessarily child's play if you're not used to it, and it can generate a lot of smoke. So it's best to plan the location of your barbecue carefully. With charcoal, lighting is easier and there's less risk of smoke. 

If the typical taste of fire or charcoal barbecue is not your priority, there are electric and gas barbecues for an equally convivial experience. This type of barbecue allows you to control the ignition and temperature for simple, precise use. And because they produce less smoke and ash, they're better suited to smaller outdoor areas and are easier to clean. 

Electric or gas plancha, according to need

Like the barbecue, the plancha, whether electric or gas, makes for excellent grilling, fire-free and fat-free, for healthier cooking. On a gas plancha, the temperature rise is very rapid and easy to control thanks to a control knob. This cooking method also gives your food a slightly smoky taste. Electrics may take a little longer to heat up, but they're easy to use, requiring only access to a power outlet. Finally, compared to the barbecue, the advantage of plancha cooking The main advantage of this electrical system is that it can be used on very small condominium exteriors, such as balconies. 

Maintenance and cleaning

To keep your barbecue and plancha in good condition and obtain the best cooking results, it is essential to maintain and clean them properly. After each use, allow them to cool slightly, then remove food residues with a brush or metal sponge and soapy water. It's important to degrease your appliances thoroughly to prevent grease build-up and limit the risk of fire. For electric and gas barbecues, you should also regularly check the condition of the burners and unclog any orifices that may be obstructed.

Also, be sure to dry your appliances thoroughly after cleaning to prevent rust. You can use an anti-rust product to protect the most exposed parts. Finally, when winter arrives, cover your barbecue or plancha with a protective cover to protect it from the elements and frost. 

Nourriture FUSION

The barbecue plancha table for the undecided

If your heart is torn between the barbecue and the plancha, or if you simply want to be able to choose what you want, VULX has the solution! With our barbecue plancha table, now you don't have to choose. Thanks to a brazier section, you can grill your meat, fish and vegetables over charcoal. The plancha section, with its smooth surface, lets you sear and cook chopped steaks, prawns and vegetable strips with ease. 

The the versatility of this type of appliance multiplies culinary possibilities and adapts to your guests' every wish. A warm, festive atmosphere guaranteed!

And on the pro side?

A barbecue will undeniably create an attractive visual and olfactory experience for customers! Its conviviality attracts, and the promise of wood-fired cooking is a strong argument for fans of braised and smoked flavors. 

But the plancha hasn't said its last word yet, and for foodservice professionals it offers the following advantages , cook quickly and efficiently a wide variety of foods.

Finally, if you want to stand out from your competitors and offer your customers an original experience, opt for the barbecue plancha table. By installing them on your terraces, they will enhance the conviviality of your meals. 

However, be sure to comply with local regulations in a commercial establishment. This may include rules on ventilation, fire safety and sanitary standards.

Gas griddle: tips for a successful kitchen

The plancha has always been considered a convivial tool and has satisfied a large number of diners, since its creation in the 19th century with the stone plancha. Today, the concept is more modern and continues to gather and develop, notably by offering several cooking methods. Among others, the gas plancha allows to combine simplicity, creativity, all while preserving its original human heat.

plancha pour les professionnels

Which kitchen is suitable?

Traditional or more original, the gas griddle allows you to vary the pleasures and offers an infinite number of possibilities for culinary creations.

  • Marinade, the secret to bringing flavour to your dishes. Choose a tasty oil base such as olive, hazelnut or coconut oil, and add other flavours as you wish. Spices, honey or soy will bring an oriental note to your plancha, but prefer lemon, garlic and herbs if you want to stay in the classic or Provençal style.

  • Crunchy or melting vegetables! From mushrooms to tomatoes to fennel, it is easy to adapt the cooking time to your guests' preferences. For wok-style cooking, blanch your vegetables by pre-cooking them in water (4 to 15 minutes) before searing them on the plancha, which will give them a soft texture, ideal for your carrots for example.

  • Subtly caramelised and stewed fruits. Whether you choose banana or pineapple, all your fruits can be cooked a la plancha, so as to make a quick and sophisticated dessert by accompanying them with a syrup or coulis, mint or basil.

  • Meat seared the way you want it, in a healthy way. Blue, rare or medium-rare: each of your guests can enjoy their meat to their own taste, by customising the heat intensity of our appliances.

  • Fresh fish! Prawns, scallops, trout or mussels, seafood has the particularity of preserving omega-3 fatty acids. Be careful, though, as cooking time is crucial to the success of your dishes, and of course fresh is best.

Launching your plancha

First of all, switch on your appliance by simply turning it on. gas burners located under the hob of the appliance.

There's no need to grease the griddle as our cooking method allows you to cook without unnecessary fat. All you have to do is wait until your griddle is perfectly hot before you can get started. To be sure, pour in a few drops of water and wait for them to turn into marbles.

Best practice

You know that, cooking time is the key to a successful plancha.

  • 1 to 2 min for fish fillets (use baking paper for a tender product)
  • 3 to 5 min on each side for red meats
  • 5 to 10 min for shellfish, depending on size
  • 7 to 8 min for vegetables
  • 7 to 15 min for fruit
  • 10 min for red meat brochettes
  • 20 min for white meat brochettes

As far as herbs are concerned, prefer dry herbs (thyme, rosemary), which can withstand the heat. If you wish to use fresh herbs, add them at the end of cooking, just before serving. 

The benefits 

Our cooking hobs in food-grade stainless steel are warmer on the inside than on the outside. You can therefore place your hands against the appliance to keep warm if you need to. adapt the heat types of preparations.

Slightly curved, These plates also allow juices and fats to slide directly into the easy-to-clean drip tray.

Owner a certified thermocouple, our appliances shut off the gas supply if the flame goes out, making them ideal for use in the event of a fire. fully secure.

As already mentioned, you can personalise your cooking by regulating the heating temperature using the adjustment knobs on the underside of the wooden tray. For maximum discretion, the gas bottle is integrated into the base, as is the grease trap.

feu de bois : conseils pour votre barbecue

Wood fires: tips for your barbecue

Its history, its aesthetics, its smell: the wood fire also corresponds to many bold culinary pleasures. Warm and friendly, this cuisine is as ancestral as it is trendy, offering infinite possibilities for delighting your guests.

table à manger d'extérieur

Cooking on a wood fire

From the most classic to the most extravagant, wood-fired cooking can be used for 5 types of cooking:

  1. Sear. This is the most commonly used type of cooking, especially as it preserves the juices thanks to the high heat, ideal for preparing meat and fish.
  2. Grill. A must and a highlight of wood-fired cooking, as the grill is very healthy and preserves vitamins A, C and minerals.
  3. Braising. A modern version of boiling, braising can be adapted to all your dishes. Prefer a well-sealed cast iron casserole to retain all the flavours of steaming.
  4. Gilding. That's how simple it is! Just throw your meat on your griddle at a heat of around 150°C and wait, time will do the rest until you get a delicious grilled smell.
  5. Smoke. Add wood chips to your coals to cook all your dishes and add that little extra to your meal, for an atypical and gourmet culinary experience.

The wood fire in practice

But which wood to use? Each wood has its own taste! Depending on your preparations, the choice of wood is an important step in ensuring the success of your barbecue. For fish, choose juniper or laurel. If you feel the need for character, choose a softwood such as pine for example. For grilled meat, choose an apple tree. The quality of the wood is important, avoid sawdust which can be harmful and wood that is too green which gives off a lot of smoke.

Don't botch the lighting of your fire either. A "top" lighting technique will limit the emission of pollutants and give your barbecue a better quality. To do this:

  1. Install 2 to 4 dry logs
  2. Arrange logs on top by crossing them on several floors
  3. Light the fire starter (vegetable, for the planet) placed in the centre
  4. Close the wood fireplace

    The benefits

    Cooking on a wood fire is a good way to innovate, especially for professionals. With our products, you can cook for your guests independently. Move the kitchen directly to the table in a safe, ingenious, cost-effective and user-friendly way.

    We also offer you easy cleaning, as all residues from cooking are automatically collected in the grease trap. You can use your dishwasher.

    More of a plancha or a barbecue? Switch from one to the other in less than a minute thanks to the modular central grill of our appliances. Convert according to your needs!

      Cuisson à la plancha : une cuisine saine

      The advantages of cooking on a plancha

      Whether you are a gourmet or a catering professional, plancha cooking satisfies all tastes and offers many advantages

      table brasero plancha
      1. Endless possibilities , thanks to a cooking plate that can accommodate all types of food. There's no excuse, just let your creativity run wild. From the most classic dishes such as chicken, kebabs or prime rib, Vulx planchas are also perfect for our wonderful regional specialities such as duck breast or andouillette. Cheese fans will be tempted by a Mont d'Or or a roasted Camembert, while those with a sweet tooth will offer their guests an apple-cinnamon crumble, for example.

      2. The plancha is convivial! A real moment of sharing, there are few cooking methods that create an atmosphere as welcoming, warm and friendly as the plancha. So, to spend time with your family, opt for an afternoon "pancake party".

      3. Healthy and good for the health , the plancha is very dietetic, despite what we think. And yet, the cooking plate, heated to a high temperature, makes it possible to limit the use of fats. For a gourmet meal, our appliances are low in calorie intake and offer you the right to let loose on the dessert!

      4. With a uniform cooking , the plancha allows a homogeneity, avoids the carbonization of your dishes and thus the carcinogenic compounds. However, we advise you to clean the plate well after use.

      5. Choose speed and efficiency with a spectacular temperature rise. Typically, the heating time with gas is 5-10 min for a temperature of up to 280°C, regardless of the combustion method. This also helps to retain the nutrients more.

      6. Environmentally friendly , the hob heats up very quickly and can accommodate several foods at once, which reduces the energy consumption for the meal. The environmental impact is therefore low, with the use of natural fuels.

      7. Economical, especially for professionals, our planchas offer exceptional profitability, with an investment that pays for itself after only 3 covers per month!

      8. The plancha respects the product, thanks to a fat-free cooking method that preserves the flavours. With its food-grade stainless steel plate, no material exchange takes place during the operation of the appliance and the taste of the food is preserved, as well as its texture.

      Table barbecue plancha FUSION

      A professional catering equipment

      If our brazier and plancha tables are ideal for a dinner with friends on the terrace of our private individuals, they are above all real professional appliances, designed to meet the many challenges of the restaurant sector. A real plus for the establishments that own them.

      plancha française
      Gamme professionnel d'appareil de cuisson

      Several services are possible

      Our brazier and plancha tables provide a real added value to your establishments, as well as a time saving and cooking skills. There are several uses for it: 

      • Customers can sit at the table (seated or standing), warm up and cook all kinds of dishes adapted to our Vulx (sweet and salty)

      • During events or services organised on your terraces, your staff can cook in show cooking mode, in front of your customers

      • Another possibility is to offer cold products. Your customers will come and cook them themselves on your appliances, creating a space for meeting and conviviality.

      Our products can be used all year round

      You can modulate the heat intensity of your appliance (especially when it's gas-powered) to suit the weather outside. Cook while warming up in winter, or heat only the centre of the hob, the time of service, in summer.

      Our champagne bucket option is also ideal for hot weather, allowing you to use it without heating or cooking, just to cool off in the shade.

      Cost-effective financing

      We also offer leasing, over 12, 24 or 36 months, allowing you to benefit from immediate profitability.

      • Example for a Magma gas table over 36 months : 57 € HT / month
      • Example for a Fusion gas table over 36 months: 90 €HT / month.

      (Surrender value at term equivalent to 1 additional monthly payment) 

      Replaced the cooking area in the centre of your terrace

      Augmentez votre rentabilité professionnel

      Increase your profitability

      Cafés, hotels, caterers or restaurants: it is difficult to optimise your margin in this highly competitive sector. At Vulx, profitability means satisfied customers.

      How can you stand out from the crowd? What tips can you use to earn more, while providing an additional service to your business? Our products   will meet your expectations.

      plancha brasero barbecue

      Activate your margin

      Customisable and adaptable, our plancha braziers provide real added value so that they are dedicated to your business. Your know-how will be enhanced by professional cooking of a wide range of products, according to your wishes and creativity.

      Increase the number of your guests and open your terrace even in winter. In addition to cooking your dishes, our appliances have been designed to quickly warm up your customers. If you use gas, modulate the power and offer a moment of warmth and comfort. On the contrary, in warm weather, transform your Vulx into a traditional table with the integrated champagne bucket to start the aperitif.

      Benefit from controlled costsand solve your staffing problems. High staff costs (one third of turnover), recruitment difficulties, frequent turnover: faced with these challenges, opt for the full use of our products and limit the time wasted in the kitchen with fewer preparations and the delegation of the cooking of dishes. Less stressed, you can devote more time to your customers' needs.

      Significant benefits

      When your customers feel good, they stay longer and consume more. At Vulx, this is why we offer user-friendly and convenient product ranges. As a proof, our employees reveal that a customer pays on average between 80 and 100€ in a restaurant, which is 50 to 70€ more than in normal times. 

      Our statistics have also shown that with the possibility of using our equipment in all seasons, our partner establishments receive 20% more customers throughout the year . In the end, your turnover can be multiplied by 3, without increasing staff costs.

      Thanks to the financing we offer in leasing , only 3 monthly place settings on average are enough for you to make your Vulx brazier plancha table profitable!

      Customer satisfaction

      When a customer is satisfied, he comes back. Thanks to its originality and added value, Vulx attracts attention and convinces! Moreover, a loyal customer makes you more profitable and becomes your best business card . By recommending you, they will bring you more customers (a loyal customer will cost you five times less than another).

      To make the experience of your guests special, think of setting up animations and always bring more conviviality!