Since 1976 in the Auvergne region of France, Groupe SEGUIN has been manufacturing, marketing and distributing high-performance, reliable and environmentally-friendly thermal control and energy production solutions.

Le Groupe SEGUIN, c’est avant tout une aventure familiale et humaine où tous les corps de métiers se côtoient. While remaining attached to our roots, we have pursued an open and collective development, built on exchanges and human encounters, with today 5 manufacturing workshops and more than 350 committed employees.

At SEGUIN, we believe that our history and our local roots contribute to our success. We stock all our equipment within a 20 km radius of Randan, a small town in the north of the Puy-de-Dôme between the Limagne plain and the forest of hundred-year-old oaks, where we have been based since 1976.

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SEGUIN Group location

The SEGUIN Group attaches particular importance to its home territory and roots, and has always endeavored to keep its infrastructure as close as possible to where it all began. Today, our business is organized around three manufacturing workshops in France and two production units in Europe.

Hørning (Denmark)

Production plant for Scandinavian stoves.

Randan (63, Auvergne – Rhône-Alpes)

Seguin factory for wood stoves, fireboxes and inserts made of cast iron, stone fireplaces and Vulx outdoor range.

Testing laboratory and research & development offices.

Virignin (01, Auvergne – Rhône-Alpes)

AXIS factory for fireplaces, inserts and stoves made of steel.

Vendargues (34, Hérault)

JC Bordelet workshop for design and iconic suspended fireplaces in steel (wood & gas). Bespoke and customized fireplaces.

Valence (Espagne)

Production plant.

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4 pillars of CSR policy

Territorial anchoring

Maintain and develop the company's activity, employment and impact in the various regions in which it operates.

People first

Creating and maintaining conditions that enable each individual to feel secure and thrive in his or her professional project.


Creating and sharing value within our ecosystem, in an entrepreneurial spirit and in a sustainable manner.


Contribute resolutely to the preservation of natural resources and the energy transition.