FUEGO Brazier

from 692 HT

H 68 x L 68 x P 68 cm
Colour: Corten steel     

Fuel : Wood

Modern, aesthetic and original, discover our simple and inexpensive outdoor fireplace. Scandinavian know-how, the FUEGO is of impeccable quality and adapts perfectly to the environment you give it. Thanks to the Corten steel of which it is made, the brazier remains timeless, with a rusty colour that creates a warm and pleasant atmosphere. In addition to allowing you to enjoy your terrace in all seasons, our device also fulfils your grilling desires. From popcorn to tajine to papillotes, everything is good in the FUEGO!

Practical and easy to use

This outdoor fireplace consists of a basin and a base that can be fixed together, if desired. Easy to move, the bowl can be placed on the base above the ground surface, or placed directly on a non-combustible surface. The ashes in the firebox are quickly emptied.

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FUEGO Brazier

FUEGO Brazier

The FUEGO brazier is an outdoor fireplace consisting of a basin and a base that can be fixed together with two small metal pins if you prefer to create a unit.



The basin can be placed on the base above the floor surface, or it can be placed directly on a non-combustible surface. Place the brazier on a flat, stable surface to ensure that it does not tip over.

The brazier is easy to move, but it should only be moved when not in use. The ash is easy to empty. Be aware that embers may remain long after the fire has gone out.



  • Light the brazier with finely chopped firewood or briquettes that take well.
  • Always use dry wood. Wet wood gives off a lot of smoke.
  • Do not burn too large logs. Large logs cool the fire and produce more smoke.
  • Use the stove sensibly, taking care of your surroundings.
  • Do not leave the fire unattended while there are flames.
  • For safety reasons, it is always advisable to have water nearby

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