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What could be more traditional than a handsome wood-burning stove? What could be more appealing than cooking and grilling delicious meals on a stove? With BBQUBE, master the art of authentic cooking and share your delicacies with loved ones!

Through its glass door, the spellbinding dance of the flames offers a never-ending show. BBQUBE invites you and your guests to rediscover cooking over a wood fire. Your barbecue offers both a visual treat and optimal cooking conditions.

Placed just over the flames, the grill forms an ideal playground for all your culinary experiments, in optimal comfort and safety. BBQUBE renews the pleasure of barbecuing by directing cooking smells and smoke towards a specially-designed flue. Its discreet door protects the user from burning elements and splashes, offering a safe way to enjoy your passion. A genuine wood-burning stove, its ingenious design and exclusive technology will win over the most discerning connoisseurs.

As night falls, BBQUBE becomes the companion of your moonlit evenings as its wood stove gently warms the atmosphere. Gather your chairs closer to hear the crackle of its flames as you chat under the starry skies.

To adapt more fully to your lifestyle, BBQUBE also comes in a BOX version, equipped with a log box and a larger, highly-practical table top.

Evening after evening on your patio or in the garden, around the BBQUBE fire, an ode to tradition and the art of living, reinvent the world knowing you have cleverly reinvented your outdoor lifestyle!


Barbecue et poêle à bois BBQUBE

Unparalleled versatility

More than just a barbecue, when the night draws in, the BBQUBE barbecue transforms itself into a comforting hearth, offering welcome warmth to prolong those moments of happiness and conviviality.

Cuisine au barbecue BBQUBE

Give free rein to your creativity

With our BBQCUBE barbecue, unleash your culinary creativity and tantalise your taste buds as you savour the warmth emanating from its central hearth.

Barbecue au bois BBQUBE VULX

Take control of your cooking

Conçue dans le style d’un poêle à bois, la régulation de la puissance du feu est accessible via le levier de contrôle de l’arrivée d’air, positionné à l’avant du BBQUBE. Vous devenez ainsi le maître de la cuisson. Existe également en version BBQUBE BOX pour stocker votre bois.


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