Outdoor fireplace HEATQUBE

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couleur ceramique noire



Love spending your evenings on the patio, even when the air is chilly? HEATQUBE is for you! The flames of its generous wood fire dancing behind a wide window will light up your outdoor evenings. Solidly anchored on 4 wheels, this elegant outdoor fireplace can follow you wherever you go, warming the atmosphere.

With its short flue, the portable HEATQUBE is both practical and efficient! A few logs are all it takes to bask in its comforting, long-burning warmth and to gently crackling flames.

Just like a wood stove, you can regulate the fire by drawing on the air flow, and the large handle on its door makes loading logs easy.

What’s more, its coated anthracite finish and sober design lend it a timeless style which will blend into any setting and the cosiest corners of your outdoor space!


Extend your evenings with friends

When the cool evenings set in, the HEATQUBE outdoor fireplace becomes the focal point for conversation and laughter. Friends and family gather around our outdoor fireplace, drawn by its comforting warmth and the intimate atmosphere it creates.

Cheminée d'extérieur HEATCUBE signée VULX


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