CUBIS stove

from 2 797 HT

H 87.4 x W 50 x D 50 cm (+ H 2 m chimney)
Colour: Corten steel
Fuel : Wood

The CUBIS is an outdoor fireplace that is both functional and decorative. It is more authentic than ever before, and stands out for its design and high Danish quality. It gives you the same flame show as an indoor wood stove and provides real cosy warmth on both sides. With our device, you can enjoy your outdoor leisure time more without worrying about low temperatures. Aesthetically, the rust-coloured Corten steel creates a modern and pleasant environment, creating a successful contrast between the green of nature and the cool shades of stone.

Comprehensive and environmentally friendly

CUBIS is supplied with a two-piece, two-metre flue pipe and a flue cap. The lower part of the flue has a damper to regulate the draught and the inside is lined with insulating stones. Our outdoor wood stove is a more environmentally friendly solution than a patio heater or a neon light.

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CUBIS stove


Outdoor fireplace with four glazed sides and a two-metre high flue to enjoy the outdoors.

CUBIS is supplied with a two-piece, two-metre flue pipe and a flue cap. The lower part of the flue has a damper to regulate the draught. The interior of the CUBIS is lined with insulating stones (it is advisable to remove them when the stove is not in use for a long period of time to avoid damage from moisture and frost).

CAUTION: The handle can be hot. Use a glove to handle it. Be careful as all external surfaces become hot.


Place the CUBIS on a flat, stable surface. Follow the same precautionary rules as for an open fire, keep a certain distance and do not place the CUBIS on - or near - combustible materials. Always comply with the safety rules and requirements for open fires set by local and national authorities.


Clean the glass before lighting the stove to get a good view of the flames. Remove the ash with a shovel when the stove is cold and no embers remain. Be aware that embers may remain long after the fire has gone out.


  • Light the stove with finely chopped firewood or briquettes that take well.
  • Always use dry wood. Wet wood gives off a lot of smoke.
  • Do not burn too large logs. Large logs cool the fire and produce more smoke.
  • Use the stove sensibly, taking care of your surroundings.
  • Do not leave the fire unattended while there are flames.
  • For safety reasons, it is always advisable to have water nearby


Give your CUBIS mobility by placing it on a base with wheels so that you can move it around the terrace at your convenience.

additional information

Smokehouse Ø (mm)


Combustion chamber width (cm)


Height without/with wheels (cm)


Width (cm)


Depth (cm)


Weight incl. chimney, without base with wheels (kg)


Weight, base with wheels (kg)



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