1.5 million years ago, man discovered fire and his first culinary pleasures. With the first wood-fired barbecues, the history of cooking begins.

Warm and friendly, cooking over a wood fire promises a daring experience. Top of the trend, this ancestral cuisine offers endless possibilities to delight your guests.

Which cooking is suitable for a wood fire?

From the most classic to the most extravagant, the wood fire cooking can be used for 5 types of cooking. Slow cooking or high heat, here's how to use your wood-fired barbecue:

  1. seared cooking 

It is THE most famous type of cooking for wood fires. But why is it so popular? This high heat cooking technique preserves the juices, so it is ideal for preparing meat and fish.

  1. To Grill

A must, this is the highlight of cooking over a wood fire. Perfect for dietetic cooking, this cooking method preserves vitamins A and C and minerals.

  1. To braise

Did you know ? Cooking over embers is the ancestor of boiling cooking. From the Middle Ages, the pot was placed near the embers for slow cooking. Prefer a well-sealed cast iron casserole dish to preserve all the flavors of this steam cooking.

A trendy version, the embers adapt to all your dishes. Have you ever tried grilled oysters?

  1. To brown

For successful golden cooking, you must… do nothing! Simply toss the meat to a minimum heat of 150 degrees and wait. We let time do its work, without mixing to let the chemistry operate. Meat browned correctly will give off a delicious grilled aroma.

  1. To smoke

To smoke your food, just add wood chips to the embers. Smoking is not just for meat and fish. Indeed, it is also possible to smoke the cheese and the fruit for an atypical and gourmet culinary experience.

Wood-fired desserts

Wood fire cooking isn't just for traditional marshmallows and Popcorn. Spit cake or German pancake: sweet treats are quick and easy to make.

How to barbecue over a wood fire?

What wood to use

Each wood has its own taste! Depending on your preparation, the choice of wood is a crucial step for the success of your barbecue.

The quality of the wood is also important: avoid sawdust which can be harmful and too green wood which emits a lot of smoke.

How to start your wood fire in an ecological way?

The "top-down" ignition technique for your wood fire barbecue allows to limit pollutant emissions.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Install 2 to 4 dry logs
  2. Arrange logs on top by crossing them on several floors
  3. Ignite the fire starter placed in the center of the logs
  4. Close the wood fireplace

This technique makes it possible to reduce the formation of smoke with a progressive ignition of the logs from the top.

3 good wood-fired cooking practices

1.       Use the lid for long cooking

2.       Prefer the vegetable fire starter: ecological and better for your health !

3.       Let your creativity run wild, the possibilities are endless

What are the advantages of cooking over a wood fire?

Cooking chief: how to innovate with a wood fire?

Cooking your customers: had you thought about it? The "Do It Yourself" trend is also in restaurants!

The wood fire, yes, but I don't want to clean up!

All residues are automatically collected in the grease collector. All you have to do is put it in the dishwasher!

The wood fire: Plancha AND Barbecue!

With the Fusion range, you go from the plancha to the wood-fired barbecue with the adjustable central grid.

With the same system it is also possible to switch to charcoal or gas very quickly.

You just have to choose according to your mood of the day 😉