Its history, its aesthetics, its smell: the wood fire also corresponds to many bold culinary pleasures. Warm and friendly, this cuisine is as ancestral as it is trendy, offering infinite possibilities for delighting your guests.

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Cooking on a wood fire

From the most classic to the most extravagant, wood-fired cooking can be used for 5 types of cooking:

  1. Sear. This is the most commonly used type of cooking, especially as it preserves the juices thanks to the high heat, ideal for preparing meat and fish.
  2. Grill. A must and a highlight of wood-fired cooking, as the grill is very healthy and preserves vitamins A, C and minerals.
  3. Braising. A modern version of boiling, braising can be adapted to all your dishes. Prefer a well-sealed cast iron casserole to retain all the flavours of steaming.
  4. Gilding. That's how simple it is! Just throw your meat on your griddle at a heat of around 150°C and wait, time will do the rest until you get a delicious grilled smell.
  5. Smoke. Add wood chips to your coals to cook all your dishes and add that little extra to your meal, for an atypical and gourmet culinary experience.

The wood fire in practice

But which wood to use? Each wood has its own taste! Depending on your preparations, the choice of wood is an important step in ensuring the success of your barbecue. For fish, choose juniper or laurel. If you feel the need for character, choose a softwood such as pine for example. For grilled meat, choose an apple tree. The quality of the wood is important, avoid sawdust which can be harmful and wood that is too green which gives off a lot of smoke.

Don't botch the lighting of your fire either. A "top" lighting technique will limit the emission of pollutants and give your barbecue a better quality. To do this:

  1. Install 2 to 4 dry logs
  2. Arrange logs on top by crossing them on several floors
  3. Light the fire starter (vegetable, for the planet) placed in the centre
  4. Close the wood fireplace

    The benefits

    Cooking on a wood fire is a good way to innovate, especially for professionals. With our products, you can cook for your guests independently. Move the kitchen directly to the table in a safe, ingenious, cost-effective and user-friendly way.

    We also offer you easy cleaning, as all residues from cooking are automatically collected in the grease trap. You can use your dishwasher.

    More of a plancha or a barbecue? Switch from one to the other in less than a minute thanks to the modular central grill of our appliances. Convert according to your needs!