If our brazier and plancha tables are ideal for a dinner with friends on the terrace of our private individuals, they are above all real professional appliances, designed to meet the many challenges of the restaurant sector. A real plus for the establishments that own them.

Several services are possible

Our brazier and plancha tables provide a real added value to your establishments, as well as a time saving and cooking skills. There are several uses for it: 

  • Customers can sit at the table (seated or standing), warm up and cook all kinds of dishes adapted to our Vulx (sweet and salty)

  • During events or services organised on your terraces, your staff can cook in show cooking mode, in front of your customers

  • Another possibility is to offer cold products. Your customers will come and cook them themselves on your appliances, creating a space for meeting and conviviality.

Our products can be used all year round

You can modulate the heat intensity of your appliance (especially when it's gas-powered) to suit the weather outside. Cook while warming up in winter, or heat only the centre of the hob, the time of service, in summer.

Our champagne bucket option is also ideal for hot weather, allowing you to use it without heating or cooking, just to cool off in the shade.

Cost-effective financing

We also offer leasing, over 12, 24 or 36 months, allowing you to benefit from immediate profitability.

  • Example for a Magma gas table over 36 months : 57 € HT / month
  • Example for a Fusion gas table over 36 months: 90 €HT / month.


Replaced the cooking area in the centre of your terrace