Professional catering:

Our plancha braziers tables bring a real added value to your establishments, as well as a time saving and cooking skills.

Our products allow several types of use

  • Available for your customers, who can sit or stand, warm up and cook your dishes, adapted to our Vulx (meat, fish, vegetables, mushrooms, soups, eggs, fondues, hot tins, caramelized pineapple, pancakes, ...).
  • During events or services on your terraces, your chefs can cook in show cooking mode, in front of your customers.
  • Another possibilityis that you offer cold dishes (meat, fish, ...), and your customers come and cook them themselves on one or more Vulx tables. Thus creating a friendly atmosphere.

Our products can be used all year round

It is possible to modulate the heat intensity (especially when they run on gas), for warm up and cooking in winter, or just heat central cooking plate in summer.


The champagne bucket kit allow use our products in case of high heat in summer.

As well as using traditional tables with the optional central tray.

allowing a immediate profitability.

Professional catering:

Replaced the cooking area in the centre of your terrace