ONCE Instinct Brazier

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Available colour :

couleur ceramique noire



In the enchanting circle of your outdoor evenings, ONCE INSTINCT lights the fire of conviviality and warmth.

ONCE Evolution’s smaller brother, this brazier by VULX also knows how to play the beating heart of your events. More than just a source of heat, it kindles the spontaneous creation of happy memories between friends.

Designed in the same lines as its big brother, this brazier is an ode to elegant simplicity, an alliance of practicality and beauty.

Made in the Auvergne region, the cradle of VULX know-how, Once Instinct embodies tradition and innovation.

Gathered around its fire, friends and family can share their grilling, simmering, frying and cooking techniques, challenging each other with new tastes. Your brazier can adapt to every guest’s food preference and culinary tastes.

The choice is all yours! Alone or as a group, this is the place to be! Once Instinct’s flames tell your story, your stories, illuminating the present moment in its welcoming glow.


Create warm memories

Imagine yourself, surrounded by loved ones, in a garden lit by the golden glow of the ONCE Instinct brazier. The flames dance with hypnotic grace, spreading a comforting warmth that envelops and reassures you. Around our ON CE Instinct brazier, laughter erupts, stories are told, and time seems suspended in an enchanted interlude.


additional information

Available finishes :


Height :

40 cm

Dimensions of the different trays available :

Ø 117 cm

Table top finish

ceramic with black textured effect
ceramic with waxed concrete effect

Available fuels :



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